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You are passionate. You are compassionate. Like the plants we harvest, you are flexible and bursting with ideas for growth. You recognize that success in our industry demands the perfect balance of structure and fun. With management leading by example, you’re inspired to take the initiative, operating within a supportive team environment. You are not afraid to put in the hours, motivated by the opportunities that lay ahead. You’re tired of dealing with corporate egos and inefficient processes. You don’t believe in power trips. In a rapidly changing industry, you respect experience, but are not intimidated by it. If you don’t understand, you ask. If you can assist or offer guidance, you do. Whether you use cannabis products is entirely up to you. We don’t judge, and neither should you.


Quality Assurance Manager (posted Feb. 26th 2018)

Agrima Botanicals is seeking a Quality Assurance Manager to ensure that medical cannabis products produced by Agrima Botanicals meet the organization’s objectives for quality, safety, regulatory and customer expectations in accordance with Access to Cannabis for Medical Purpose Regulations (ACMPR).  The QA Manager shall evaluate and advise on performance of established Quality Management Systems and coordinate activities to meet production process and product quality standards.  The successful candidate will exude passion for the cannabis industry and drive Ascent forward in setting industry standards.

Plant Tissue Culture Technician (posted Feb. 26th 2018)

Agrima Botanicals is seeking Plant Tissue Culture Technicians to work in our state of the art Maple Ridge facility in collaboration with scientists and lab technicians to maintain and grow our plant tissue culture collection. The Technician will work in all areas of plant tissue culture and will provide a high level of technical expertise related to each aspect.  The successful candidate will exude passion for the industry and an authentic love for plants and people.

VP of Science, Research, and Product Development (posted Feb. 8th 2018)

The VP of Science, Research and Product Development will be responsible for the strategic planning and execution of Agrima Botanicals’ research objectives and initiatives relating to commercial cultivation of cannabis under ACMPR regulations. Reporting to Executive Level Management, the successful candidate will develop, promote and attain the vision of Agrima Botanicals and Ascent Industries by providing leadership in current program management and the coordination of outreach activities. The VP of Science, R&D will develop a research vision consistent with the enterprise vision and develop specific implementation strategies to achieve long- and near-term plans in the areas of science, R&D and Quality Assurance.

Sales, Marketing & Communications
Director of Customer Care (posted Jan 22nd 2018)

Agrima Botanicals is seeking a highly driven and experienced Director of Customer Care to design and develop a customer service team capable of supporting online and call-center operations in a Health Canada compliant environment. Reporting to the VP of Marketing and Communications, the Director will represent Ascent’s portfolio of distinct brands, each serving and engaging a unique demographic and requiring their own highly-engaging and informative customer journey. The successful candidate will exude passion for the industry and providing high-quality products and seamless customer service experience in a B2B and B2C environment. The Director will work closely with senior level management and Social Media teams to support rapidly expanding operations and to develop and support brand specific channels for social customer care.

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